The scar of Ulysses


Multi channel – 8 tracks

Duration 16′

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This title, borrowed from Erich Auerbach, German writer and critic deceased in 1957, immediately sets the scene on a plane where realism is depicted in the aesthetics of Western music.

Electro-acoustic music has the ability, using “concrete” sounds (with all the ambiguity implied by the word), of giving us an immediate sensation of reality, which we can all situate in relation to our references and private objects of reference; these are the profound notions of sublimitas and humilitas, which merge and unite in musical expression.

I have chosen a composition on eight channels, and sound recordings on the edge of a motorway, with an especially dynamic and very bold Doppler sound effect, which immediately informs and imposes movement in the finite space of octophonic music.

Every listener will be able to decipher his or her own images of a collective mental universe from the essence of this kind of artistic creation, just like the scar by which Ulysses was recognised by his former servant woman.

Christian ELOY