Professor of Electroacoustic Composition for 24 years at the Bordeaux Conservatory J. Thibaud
Professor of Electroacoustic Composition for 5 years at the Regional Conservatory of Reims
Lecturer in musicology for 21 years at the University of Bordeaux
Facilitator for 17 years of the Electroacoustic Workshops of the Musical Research Group/City of Paris – GRM – Groupe de Recherches Musicales
Co-founder and former artistic director of SCRIME in Bordeaux (creation and research studio in computer science and electroacoustic music)
Co-founder of JIM (Musical Computer Days) in 1994 in Bordeaux
Founder of the composers association Octandre.
Co-founder of the AECME association of teachers of electroacoustic composition in Conservatoires

Member of : Octandre – AECME – Futurs ComposésPfMC

Musiques à l’écoute YouTube – Viméo – Soundcloud
Bandcamp :

Scores published by Lemoine, Combre, Jobert, Billaudot, BabelScores, online by LMI

Christian ELOY