Le Chant du bollard


*2007 *

Duration 12′

création le 2 avril 2008 au Festival Syntax 7.2 à Perpignan

A bollard is a vertical sliding system to which boats tie up in locks; it emits discontinuous random sounds during the whole time the water is falling in the lock, and there are about a dozen that “sing” in this way in this gigantic sonorous cathedral. This is the sound film of a passage through a lock on the River Rhône. The water can sustain an entire life and intense human activity full of strange sounds for “terrestrials”; navigating in rivers where the sound environment is all fluidity can also create shocks, more or less violent, since the water is in movement, sometimes percussive and very harsh. This, therefore, is water heard from a boat passing through one of the immense locks on the Rhône, where everything is amplified and takes on a grandiose fullness.


Christian ELOY