Sui generis

for instrumental ensemble (violin, viola, double-bass, flute, bass clarinet, horn, percussion, harp, DX7 keyboard) and electronic machine (Max & GRM Tools)

Created 12th June 2001 in Bordeaux by the ensemble Musique Nouvelle

Duration: 12 minutes

sui generis is a music of contrasts, of oppositions, of poles.
Vertical and broken themes arise in opposition to fluid and fused themes; simple primary sounds are in opposition to complex harmonic tones; pulsating and binary rhythms are in opposition to periods outside time. It is as if each one calls to its opposite which then become its complement.
Even the electronic processes only affect one instrument, the harp, in opposition to the massed acoustic instruments, creating a lace effect on the periphery.
Here we can see the fundamental problem of the passage of time in a dialectic of continuity and discontinuity, of the horizontal and of the vertical.

Christian ELOY