Acousmatic music  18′ (short version 12′) – 2002

The word orphism was suggested by the poet Guillaume Apollinaire, with the publication of his “Méditations esthétiques” (Aesthetic meditations) en 1912, to describe some aspects of avant-garde painting. Apollinaire names five orphic painters: Picasso, Delaunay, Léger, Picabia, Duchamp.
So, this piece is a re-read (and a rewrite) of a piece composed in 1983 to pay homage to the painter Fernand Léger: Eléments mécaniques (Mechanical elements).
The piece seemed to me to be strongly marked by the very “analogical” techniques of the time, and so I have tried, using digital methods and a more focused discourse, to expose in a new fashion this concept of the mechanical element in the world of sound just as Fernand Léger achieved it in the world of painting.

Christian ELOY